I like public speaking, I present at meetups and conferences. I learnt a lot from other people, so it’s my way of giving back to community. I prefer to avoid flying due to environmental impact, but if you would like me to present at your event and I can travel with trains from London, I’m happy to do it. Here is a list of my external presentations.

Presentations I do currently

What I’m happy to present and don’t need a lot of preparation.

Saving the World with IoT (60 min)

This presentation is about work we are doing at Kaluza. Yes it runs on production and normal people can get our products. It’s about using Azure IoT Hub for building a smart grid. We control electric vehicle chargers and electric heating. We integrated with hydroelectric power plant and wind turbine. The presentation aims at people who don’t have IoT experience, IoT hobbyists and people who haven’t used Azure IoT Hub. It’s an encouragement to try it at home. You can find materials for this presentation here:

Most recent slides

Most recent recording (Ignore wrong title)

My IoT Hub tutorial

I gave this talk at:

  • Nottingham IoT - February 2020
  • IoT Leeds - November 2019
  • UK Azure User Group - October 2019
  • Azure Oxford - October 2019
  • DDD South West 2019 - April 2019
  • SQLBits - February 2019
  • London .NET User Group - February 2019
  • DDD East Anglia - September 2018

Raising next generation of passionate coders (10 min)

I organise monthly CoderDojo sessions for children and teenagers to learn coding. As a child I struggled to find a way to learn coding. Right now there are a lot of opportunities to help others, so I wanted to encourage people to volunteer.

Our event page

Recording from NDC London

I gave this talk at:

  • Developer Day 2019 - October 2019
  • DDD South West 2019 - April 2019
  • NDC London 2019 - Januray 2019
  • DDD East Anglia - September 2018

Historic list

Talks that are either irrelevant now or I would prefer to not present anymore.

Sending punched cards to the cloud (45 min)

Presentation about SAP integration using Azure WebJobs I worked on in the past. How we integrated with our clients’ SAP system using Serverless and how CQRS and Event Sourcing allowed us to extend our system with limited changes. I covered there as well our deployment pipeline with Octopus Deploy. It was my first ever external presentation (nerve-racking), so I leave it here as a nice memory. The video is gone since Skills Matter administration.

I gave this talk at:

  • London .NET User Group - May 2017