Welcome, weary traveller to my site. You are probably lost, if you are searching for wisdom, I’m not the right monk. I’m neither an expert nor a master, nor a thought leader, nor an influencer.

I should really quote this here "I'm not totally useless. I can be used as a bad example."

I like to be involved in everything at work. I wanted to be a knight, but because of low demand, I ended up slaying bugs on production. I like improving performance of the applications, so you may see something about it from time to time here. In my free time, I usually play with Rubik’s cubes, currently the Megaminx. Big Lego fan, especially Castle series, and anything what requires creativity.

I’ve written code commercially since 2011, working with C#, SQL a bit of JavaScript when needed, that lasted many years. A while ago I wanted to try something different, so I’ve done couple months of Scala, last two years it’s Python. I worked on code before everything was in a cloud. I like Prolog, it’s a fun language. And I’ve learnt a bit of F#, but I haven’t used it much. I would like to deepen my knowledge on different subjects and hopefully this blog will help me with that.

So why have I created it? I considered it many times in the past, I guess it’s about time. It will help me look back and check what I’ve done. As a person with low self-esteem and impostor syndrome, I hope it will help me feel a bit better, unless I stop writing here after two weeks, then it won’t help.

In summary, you will be better off reading other blogs or books, as this one will just have stuff I worked on recently and everyone is on their own path. If you still decide to walk a bit with me, I hope I will be an enjoyable companion.